Vultis: Vox Unica Laboratorio Teatrale in Scena

Vox Unica “workshop” is a masterclass focusing on advanced training in operatic performance. The focus of this specialized course is to perfect and enhance the skills and qualities of the participants. The final result will culminate in a performance exhibiting the talents of the students.
The objective of this course is to provide students with advanced skills in the arts, a working methodology and practical knowledge of how to enter the professional market of Italian and international musical theater.
In addition to training, the course gives students the possibility to gain performance experience and come to terms with the difficulties they may face regarding their musical and theatre career. The concentration will be on operatic performance of the classic repertoire, contemporary chamber music, opera in concert, oratorio, gala and chamber concerts with piano and other instruments.


Soprano Amelia Felle will perfect students’ vocal technique and conduct classes of intensive musical study.

Director Giancarlo Nicoletti will teach the acting classes (focusing on musical theater), and oversee the preparation of the production.

Annamaria Borelli (native English speaker) will assist in providing courses in English that will provide students with proper diction and basic communication skills.

Amelia Felle Giancarlo Nicoletti Annamaria Borelli

Pianisti Collaboratori

Satoko Kawabata
Umberto Cipolla

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For any press and media related content, contact Marcella Chiummo, press officer.

Admission criteria

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VoxUnica is dedicated to graduates who possess a masters degree in vocal performance with a concentration in opera and chamber music and/or singers that demonstrate an advanced level of preparation and performance ability.

The course will not exceed ten participants. The selection process measures motivation and personal ability. While there is no age limit, younger students will take precedence when it comes to selection.

Please send your application to the following address [email protected] with the following information:

-Resume (CV)

– 1 photo

– audio or video with the following requirements – two arias by different composers

– one chamber piece
The arias must be sung in their entirety. (recitative, aria, cabaletta) and must be executed in the original language. Chamber pieces may be transposed in a key that is most comfortable for the performer.

If your submission is accepted you will be contacted for an audition in person.


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The courses will be held at the “Il Cantiere” Theater in Trastevere (Rome, Italy), and they will have a duration of 10 months.
It will be held two weekends a month (Saturday and Sunday) ten hours a day. The English course will be held three hours a week online.

A certificate will be issued on completion of the masterclass.


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Registration Fee- 80 euro
Participation Fee- € 3.200+22%IVA ( € 704) total- € 3.904 IVA included.

Payment Schedule:

First payment: 1.024€ Monthly rate: 302€

Further updates will follow regarding the current health emergency.


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The Master is expected to start in October 2021. Please contact us by email for any questions.
email: [email protected]

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